Heaven In A Pot

Which is seriously what this recipe is.

Made a dish some time ago called “Low Country Shrimp Boil,” and it was truly to die for. I was eating it three days straight and not once did I tire of it! This nifty one on Pinterest is found on the Lemons For Lulu blog:

Low Country Shrimp Boil

I’ve never had clambake – in fact, having a real sand pit clambake is on my bucket list. But a few people have mentioned that this shrimp boil recipe tastes a lot like it (well, that or this recipe is simply a non-sand-pit version of clambake? I’ve never tried the traditional kind, so I wouldn’t know!)

At any rate, if you’re a seafood-lover, I think you’ll go nuts over this one.

Ready for salt n' pepper, butter and lemon

Ready for salt n’ pepper, butter and lemon

Let me stress, too, that it wouldn’t have tasted the same without the condiments I poured over it when it was done cooking! The recipe on Lemons For Lulu doesn’t list them in the ingredients, but at the end she suggests putting butter, salt, lemon, e.t.c. over the boil when it’s finished.
It’s totally fine if you leave the toppings off, if you’re averse to lemon and butter on your seafood, corn, and potatoes.

Seriously though folks – add the butter and lemon. You just gotta. Makes it ten times tastier than it already is. XD

What I did differently:
Not much, other than using less corn and cooking the potatoes for longer than it said to – just until they were soft, as that’s a no-brainer.

This was also my first time cooking with Old Bay seasoning which, even though it smelled great, I didn’t have a whole lot of faith in when it was one of the few ingredients involved in the dish. You Old Bay veterans are probably laughing at me, but it’s true! My thought was, “Just a couple ingredients? It’ll end up tasting bland.”
I’ve never been wronger in my life!

So give this one a try, it is positively exquisite.
Truly, I would make it during summer or winter, rain or shine, small crowd or large – it’s that good.