Intro From A Wanna-be Chef!

Hi everyone,

I like to start things out simple and to the point, although I’m not above using flowery and frivolous speech on occasion. 😉
As always, let’s come straight to it: I’m not a chef, but I love to cook. I’ve been experimenting with recipes ever since I was a young teen, and like to think that I’m only getting better as time wears on (you’ll have to ask my mom, she’s my “guinea pig” of choice. Love you, mom!)

If I had to rate my skill level, I would call it “a little above average.” I’m not yet to the point where I can whip up a meal out of thin air (although I have done this.) I label myself as a “Recipe Hunter,” looking for delicious things to try (primarily on Pinterest, which is just as good as saying from all over the Internet), and often modifying the recipe to suit my taste. I suppose if I had a motto, it would be “I always cook with a recipe.” Not very exciting, but it sure sums up the way I do things in the kitchen. I had a friend who was just the opposite: he disliked using recipes and always did his cooking from scratch, trying to come up with something on his own without any written aid. I always thought it sounded like fun (after all, what kitchen-lover wouldn’t want to come up with her own recipe?) – but, like I said, I’m no chef! I’m just a treasure hunter who experiments with the stuff she finds, and enjoys sharing it with others who have the same passion.

Mind you, I have absolutely no desire nor aspiration to be a restaurant chef or owner. If anything, I actually strongly dislike working in the food business. It’s within the comfortable confines of the home where I can truly enjoy and appreciate cooking. Not to mention the fact that I am serving it to people I love, not a bunch of strangers (no offense to all you strangers out there!)

It’s my hope that I can use this blog as an outlet for my cooking adventures, creativity when it comes to experimenting with new things, and – hardest of all – sharing pictures of the finished product. Yes, it is time for me to be honest: I have tried unsuccessfully 5 times in a row to photograph the dishes I’ve made. Why has it been unsuccessful? Well, combine having a flimsy memory with an insatiable desire to devour all your time and hard work, and you’ve got yourself a problem. 😦 But not to fear, I am heartily determined to make this successful for me, and for all those who enjoy following the adventures of a wannabe chef! Let’s get hunting and see what we can find.


Don't worry, I don't cook with my hair loose...or with earrings. >.>

Don’t worry, I don’t cook with my hair loose…or with earrings. >.>